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FoxSquare is a UK based design team. We believe that investing in customer experience results in unimaginable success.

Global companies we had a privilage to worked with!


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We've been helping companies just like yours to build amazing products since 2014.

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  30+   Projects Completed and Counting.

What People say


Suk Ho Song
CEO, Cloubot

Abdul is very creative and passionate about his work. He puts his effort to satisfy client's need. I recommend him highly.

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Lidia Sims
COO, Pearl Lemon

Abdul has great skill with graphic design and design on WordPress sites. He is highly skilled in these areas and offers good insights to design based projects.


Max Carroll
CTO, Word Pigion

Abdul has a good eye for detail and design, he is highly competent at WordPress and is able to produce high-quality sites in WordPress very quickly. He was also fantastic to ask for advice on design and UX considerations when developing a web application.

We have set a mission for Foxsquare that will continue grow without the need of its founders or anyone in-fact. We want to be leading the way for young entrepreneurs and talented designers from all around the globe to never feel left out from the world. Foxsqauare wants to be set as an example for the world that great design is not constrained to borders.

Pakistan and other asian communities have an image of selling cheap design products. Cutting corners on both, Budget and design aesthetics. FoxSquare is on a mission to change that. 

Going Beyond.



FoxSquare is on a mission to change the world’s perspective on the importance of user experience design. We hire top of the class designers and exceptionally talented developers that helps us generate state of the art, internationally recognised products.

We are about to shatter every expectation you have from a young design team.  

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Angel List.png

Understand your brand, and get serious about users experience in 15 minutes!

Discuss brand strategy with a pro for 60 minutes. 
Discover brand needs and build a solid work plan.

Questions? We've got answers.

How long does it take to create a new Web Software or Mobile App?

FoxSquare uses Sprint design to create a prototype of a project within 1 week!

Once the design is approved then highly talented developers bring life the prototype design and make it into a functional app. The whole process from start to finish may take 1-3 month to complete, depending on the scale of the project.
This gives a competitive advantage to the compies and a head start. So the company can focus on its goals and marketing and we take care of the product and user experience.

How is FoxSquare different than other design companies?

FoxSquare is a company build on a sole purpose of elevating design community to a higher standard. FoxSquare is extremely client-focused and uses modern techniques to develop state of the art products.


We are crazy about brand and truly belive in the power of a brand design can change a company from its core. That is why we are extremely focused and work exceptionally hard to make sure that every detail is checked before the product gets launched.

Does FoxSquare offer website design servises?

YES! Actually, that is the core of what we do! FoxSquare is highly focused on brand identity and customer experience for your company. We have specialised people who are job is to do in-depth user experience research and make sure that your customers get the best user experience in the market! Users are at the core of every pixel we move. Every design that gets made goes through multiple analysis and research and gets brought forward in the best shape possible. FoxSquare believes in testing and experimenting in pursuit of excellence. When a website is built one of the final steps that we make is user testing and user experience monitoring. Eventho a website is built by experts, ultimately, we believe that the power of brand lies in the hands of its customers. Once a website is made it gets user tested on multiple levels to make sure that the users are getting the best experience and best design possible. We are crazy about brand identity and truly believe in the power of a brand. That is why we are extremely focused and work exceptionally hard to make sure that every detail is checked before the product gets launched. When we made our mission to set ourselves as an example for others, we have to make sure our standards are high and well kept.